Iteo is a team of 70+ movers and shakers that transforms clients ideas and visions into robust, scalable digital products.

From the very start, we act as consultants to enrich your ideas with our knowledge and experience. We often act as a devil’s advocate to challenge you and give you an even higher chance to succeed. At iteo, you can find strategists, mobile and web developers, UI/UX designer, and advisors. We are the motivated and dedicated troop. After all, your product is our baby, too.

We work with you, not instead of you, and see the problem you are trying to solve. Believe it or not, there is a better answer out there, so let’s figure it out together.

Throughout the years, we’ve earned the trust of brands like Deloitte, Kia, Wrigley, ANX or MySmartPrice.

Millions of downloads, customers’ statements and users’ reviews leave no doubt that we are a trustworthy and reliable partner for creating mobile and enterprise applications.

Our customers, outputs of our work and one another is what really matters to us; the unquenchable thirst for impeccable code and beautiful, clean design is what keeps us going. We strongly believe that our expertise, passion and commitment will be the missing puzzle for creating your exceptional product that stands out at the Stores and makes real business value for all stakeholders.


We develop stunning digital products and ourselves along the way.


We want to advance our customers’ success by delivering stunning mobile and web applications from a team of passionate and talented people.

We want to be recognized as the best local employer in our industry and deliver the best work experience for our employees.