About Us

Global outsourcing application development market is huge, and it’s great. You get a wide choice of app development services providers, like never before. But, at the same time, such variety is pressing. How can you pick one provider out of thousands of app development companies and be sure they’re the right match for your project?

Aristotle Development is created to help you solve the problem of choice. We put together essential information about app development companies, get 100% real customers’ reviews, and assign each company a score. This score is cumulative; its significant part is based on app development companies reviews.

So far you can leverage one of these up-to-date lists of top-rated companies:

Working on Android app? Find top app development service providers selected for you. Here you’ll find companies providing end-to-end mobile Android app development for startups, SMBs, and enterprise-grade customers. Whatever you may need: from design and development to testing and support

If you’re looking for iPhone development services, check out this list. We put together companies that prove to be experts in mobile and cross-platform app development for small-to-large clients. Need to build an iPhone app from the ground up or just add several improvements? Pick your provider here.

Choose your future testing services partner from this list. Only reliable quality assurance companies with a proven track record. Picking out of this list you may be sure that after testing your app will be stable and bug-free, ready to appear in public and provide great user experience to your customers.

Our Methodology

Here’s how we perform check to make sure you hire best app developers:

Collect information

First things first. We start with putting together essential information about app development companies. Thus, you’re aware about the company’s size, location, main domain, pricing, and project portfolio.

Get reviews

Then we connect to companies’ previous and current clients. Since we contact real clients directly, you get a clear and relevant look into the internal processes and successes of the companies’ completed projects.

Create companies lists

After collecting essential information, we put the companies into lists to provide you with an easy search. For instance, along with app development companies’ specification, you can pick companies from a specific location.

Assign a rate

Based on initial information and reviews we collected, we assign each company a score.  Alongside the feedback, which we get from the clients, we also consider the company’s industry focus and brand awareness.